Carini's Old Flag

Song: Tu si na cosa granni (You are a great thing) 


Carini's Old Flag
   This is Carini's old flag, from the times of the La Gruas, Barons of Carini. As one can see, on top, on the left field makes a show the Castle's Tower and the LA Grua's family coat of arms: the Crane. At right, in the sea, is a swimming tuna, symbol of the city's old industry. On the field below there is a dog between two
small globules.

   In a bronze coin, found in that of Garbulangeli, there where the first Ikkar was born, there is a bearded face in one side, representing, maybe, Dedalus of Athens, the builder of Ikkar, with the inprint "IKAP" (which goes read IKAR), and on the other side a vigilant dog in a field between two small globules,
of which we do not know the meaning.