The Castle of Carini

Song: Sciccareddu du me cori (The donkey of my heart) 


Biggest towers, highest walls
on the rock have your stay.
It is an historical big Castle
at the end of the by-way.

Strong, stately, a little old,
soon will have your newest dress.
With the lemons and their blossoms
is the mansion of the Barons.

With sun and flowers into the garden,
was happy the Lady's lover.
With the music of the mandolin,
he sings among the tangerines.

Oh, the Lady is very loved,
Catherine is appreciated,
she comes out of the canopy,
from the highest balcony.

As the swallow ever joyous,
Catherine is really happy:
she thinks a lot of her knight,
she sees him every night.

One very loud shot,
laid down two, very dead:
the pretty Lady and her knight,
were shot out of their light.

The air is thick, it's in despair,
all the servants are in fear;
to anybody they won't talk,
unless dressed with an hassock.

On the street, on the court,
cries the priest and the Consort.
With their tears are now soacking,
all the merchants that are mopping.

At the convent of the Badia,
even the sisters are crying aloud.
Cries a lot even the Badess,
because they killed the Baroness.

Oh, that father was so crazy,
now he is crying, now he is mad.
The Grand Castle now is closed,
They won't let you even visit.