The Birth of Sicily

Song: Fisa impazzita (Accordion gone crazy) 


Translation by Nino Russo


While creating the world was tired our God
and His sweat from His forehead looked
like falling pearls. How it went or how 
it happened, a drop of that
Sweat in our sea came and fell.

From the blue waves an island
unequaled in beauty there came up.
Of great and laborious sons
and most beautiful daughters
very quick populated and an 
enchanted garden it became.

Soon the wheat, the figs, the grapes,
the oranges, the apples, the prickly pears,
the lemons and the melons ripened.

Our Lord looked with stupor at Sicily,
and, very pleased, said to the Sun:
Be nice to her, love her and kiss her,
keep her in great honor, she is a 
drop of my sweat.